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Magnetic Sole & Stirrup System

Maintain greater control while riding with the magnetic sole and stirrup system from Horse Country Shoe Repair in Ocala, Florida. We offer installation for the innovative OnTyte system.
Horse Jockey Boots - Shoe Sole

Soles & Heels

In addition to rubber and leather soles and heels, we also install OnTyte Magnetic Stirrup systems. This involves attaching a metal sole that connects to the magnetic stirrups, so your boot won’t slip out during jumps. To begin, simply purchase the magnetic stirrup system from the OnTyte website, then bring or mail your boots to our shop, and we install the metal sole needed to make the system effective.

The OnTyte magnetic systems are very popular in Europe but are just starting to become popular in the United States, and we are one of the first companies to use them. We have done several of these systems for Aaron Vale, the leading grand-prix jumping rider, so contact us to learn more about the product or installation process.

Contact us 352-622-6677 in Ocala, Florida, today to learn more about the amazing  "OnTyte" Magnetic Stirrup System.